Drogheda Manor Horsemanship is dedicated to teaching the principles of Natural Horsemanship to people so that they can develop a relationship and partnership with a horse, in a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy the pleasures of enjoying  horses without paying a king's ransom.

  Our goal is to help you learn the habits and skills that both humans and horses need to become partners.

  Natural Horsemanship is a way of life with horses practiced by people who believe that horses should be treated with reverence and respect.  We can help you enjoy horses in a safe and fun way, a way that nature intended.
  Many of our clients have experienced profound personal transformations while  interacting with our "Spirit Horses".  Although we are not primarily dedicated to Equine Assisted Practice which is using horses to achieve all kinds of personal goals are programs do achieve personal benefits beyond the training of horses. 
Services offered at
Drogheda Manor Horsemanshi[p

- Horse rehabilitation and restarting
- colt starting
- boarding
- horse sales, leasing
Our Mission
To Make it a Better World for Horses and the People Who Love Them

  We hope to achieve our mission by providing opportunities for people of all ages to learn how to be 'horse savvy' by developing a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual relationship with a horse and by learning how to commuicater efficately with horseses eusing psychology, communication and understanding instead of fear, intimidation and punishment.
Services offered at Spirits in Unity School of Horsemanship

- lessons in horsemanship from beginner to advanced for youth and adults.
- Spirit Horse Adventure Camps and Parties
- Clinics and Special Events