At Drogheda Manor Horsemanship we are trying to make it a better world for horses and the people who love them and perhaps change your life forever.
  There is nothing like the feeling you get when your horse comes willingly over to you in the pasture because they want to play with you.  Lynn Cassels Caldwell ( ) captured this moment with me and my Belgian cross mare, Laney, as she trotted up to me in the field. She used it to design our 'partnership logo' which we now use in much our promotional material because it represents what is the most astounding thing to us about natural horsemanship, the partnership and relationship that develops between you and your horse when you have a true understanding of her nature and you learn how to interact with her on her terms.

  It is hard to believe today that Laney was once a very dangerous horse who would attack humans.  At Drogheda Manor we help horses deal with people problems.  It took 3 years of love, language and leadership to help Laney regain her trust in humans.  What caused her to become dangerous we do not know for sure.  Drogheda Manor is not a rescue centre as such, but it is a sanctuary for both horses and humans.  We like to think we help rejuvenate the Spirit of both horses and humans.

  I hope you will want to begin your journey into the world of natural horsemanship.  Simply click on the photo to continue your journey of discovery.