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  At Drogheda Manor we try to give people the skills they need to help improve the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness of horses they have now or ones that may be in their future.  It is our hope that someday our students will be in a position to truly help a horse in physical or emotional distress and give them the life they deserve.  Indeed many of our graduates are already doing that.

  Pat Parelli Said, "There is nothing you can't do when your horse becomes a part of you."

  For many people their horse dreams have turned to nightmares and they become frustrated, feel like a failure, and are not having the fun they thought they would experience.  We can help you rekindle your dreams and revitalize your human spirit. 
Founders - Garry and Kathy Meek
Drogheda Manor uses the principles and techniques of True Horsemanship.
Much of the Photography and video on this site is by Patricia Barker And Lynn Cassels- Caldwell      
Our Mission:  To help make it a better world for horses and Humans.
  Come and see our Spirit Horses interacting with their human partners in a very special way.  We think you will discover that there is much more to these majestic animals than their obvious physical rhythm and grace. 

  Their natural good nature, their wilingness to please, their faithfulness have helped many of our clients to share in a truly spiritual experience with them.  We can learn so much about ourselves through interaction with horses.  Here at Spirits in Unity School of Horsemanship, many of our clients tell us of experiencing profound personal transformations when interacting with naturally trained horses.
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Family Friendly Recreational Programs for all ages.
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